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Your PPC advertising costs are too high! You spend too much time on PPC management instead of running your business! Your site's position is too low!

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Finding this web page probably means that at least one of the symptoms above applies to your business. If you want to save countless hours of frustration, trying to reduce your PPC cost per click AND raise your site's position on the search page, you need to read this article.

What is pay per click?

In case PPC advertising is new to you, here's a brief explanation.

Millions of searches are made on the Web every day, encompassing every conceivable kind of product and service.

The results of these searches appear in the free listing, occupying most of the search engine results page, and in smaller areas at the side, top or bottom of the page, sometimes known as "sponsored ads". It is very difficult indeed to get a web site to the top of the free listings, which is the reason for the existence of pay per click advertising. These smaller areas are reserved for PPC advertisers.

Pay per click advertisers bid an amount of money for position among the sponsored ads. The higher your bid is, the higher your ad's position will be. You pay only when a searcher clicks on your ad, and goes to your "landing page". This is the page you want your visitors to see first.

The amount you pay is not necessarily the amount of your bid; it is slightly more than that of the next lower bid. It may sound simple, but you can easily lose a lot of money if all the elements of the science of pay per click management are not in place. (See passim.) The aim of every PPC advertiser is to achieve the best position for the lowest cost. Constant tweaking is required to maintain this balancing act.

As just a couple of examples, if you want to outdo your competitors in your local area, you can gain an edge over them very cheaply with a Google AdWords PPC campaign, simply because you won't be competing with the entire world. Similarly, your ad would have a greater chance of success with "Cobra 427 for sale" than with "Cars for sale". In short, the more narrow your target market is, the easier, and therefore cheaper, it is to reach them.

There's more to pay per click management than just raising your PPC bid!

If you're already familiar with pay per click management in your business, you'll undoubtedly know that the easiest way to raise your web site's position on the search results page is to raise your PPC cost per click bid. This eats into your profits, of course, and can even render a pay per click advertising campaign so uneconomical that it has to stop. Reduced advertising means reduced sales. It's very easy to lose a lot of money on pay per click advertising, especially Google Adwords PPC campaigns.

It is a fact that most PPC advertisers -- almost all, actually -- throw money away and waste their time on their pay per click campaigns, because, to put it bluntly, they really don't know what they're doing. It is possible to put your PPC advertisement in one of the top few positions on the first page of Google and still keep your pay per click bid low, thus preserving your profit margin and increasing your sales!

Since the advent of Google AdWords, PPC management has become very sophisticated indeed, and constantly increases in complexity as the Google algorithm changes and savvy competitors vie for the top spots. It is now quite a science.

The Adwords Campaign Manager -- Industry-leading pay per click software

What can you do to make your pay per click advertising campaign successful?

To explain the numerous methods to make a PPC advertising campaign successful would fill a book which would be constantly out of date. To wring maximum profit from pay per click advertising requires the careful application of all the methods; Applying only some of them simply will not suffice. The principle of the "aggregation of marginal gains" must be applied; Everything must come together at the same time. If your advertisement is not in certain prime positions on the first two pages, or it appears beneath that of a direct competitor, it will not be clicked!

Very broadly, the keys to a successful pay per click advertising campaign are exhaustive research, accurate targeting, setting spend limits, constant tracking, testing and re-testing. Not many business owners have the time or the inclination for all that, and their PPC campaign fails as a result. As alluded to in the previous paragraph, the genius is in the detail.

AdWords Campaign Manager -- Pay per click software that saves you countless hours of tedium

Using PPC advertising services can mean PPC management success.

It is very unlikely that the top Google AdWords positions for highly competitive products or services are occupied by DIY PPC campaign managers. It is probable that the entire advertising campaign is handled by a pay per click firm, expert in Web SEO PPC. A good pay per click company keeps abreast of the technology and requirements to achieve successful Web SEO PPC, not to mention the many tips and tricks which can give a PPC advertiser an edge.

Furthermore, it's not only technology, but also psychology which can make the difference between a profitable and an unprofitable pay per click advertising campaign. What makes a visitor click on one advertisement and not another? A company specialising in pay per click services should be well aware of the psychological aspect of PPC advertising.

Choose a pay per click company that uses AdWords Campaign Manager pay per click software

Why use Abacus Data Systems pay per click services?

If there is a market for your product or service, and it's priced competitively, we see no reason why your PPC campaign should not be profitable. As long as it remains in profit, it makes sense to continue with it.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of our competitors' advertisements displayed on this page. You can compare Abacus with them all, if you wish. But there's no need to pay $500 to $5,000 every month for a pay per click service, or even $50 (impossible to find)!

Because we develop and use our own proprietary software at Abacus Data Systems International, we can set up your first Google AdWords campaign for a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay AdWords management companies. And... because our software creates perfect AdWords campaigns first time, they do not need constant tweaking; therefore, there's no on-going monthly fee! Contact us at PPC@AbacusData.com, and see what results we can achieve for you.

What pay per click software does Abacus use for its clients' advertising campaigns? -- AdWords Campaign Manager, of course!

How does Abacus create a perfect AdWords campaign for no monthly cost?

In short, it's because we get it right first time. Thereafter, a campaign needs no testing, no tweaking, no maintenance. Therefore, no on-going work means no on-going costs.

"How is this possible?" you ask. "All PPC management service companies charge a monthly fee for maintenance!"

Correct! At least, those which do not use our Abacus AdWords Campaign Manager software do. It's simply because no human being can create a perfect AdWords campaign. It's not that they lack the knowledge or are not clever enough. (They may have brilliant minds.) It's only time that they lack. To create a perfect Google AdWords campaign manually would take weeks, months, or even years! It would be totally uneconomical.

What is a perfect Google AdWords campaign, then?

Aha! That's the $64,000 question, isn't it?

If you listen to any AdWords guru, you'll hear phrases such as "relevant keywords", "targeted traffic", "low cost per click", "maximum bid per click", "quality score", "relevant ads", "high click-through rate", "relevant landing pages". He'll tell you that you need all these things, and, if he's promoting his PPC services, that he'll give you them all -- at a price, of course.

You should then ask the guru this question. (I've actually done this, and below is the reaction I got.)

"So, from what you've said, it seems that the perfect AdWords campaign would consist of narrowly focused Ad Groups, containing every conceivable search term that might be used, in 'exact match' format, each with its own specific maximum cost per click bid, and with individual text ads and landing pages each containing the relevant search term?"

The guru looked at me and gaped incredulously. After taking several seconds to recover, he replied, "Yes, but that's just not possible to achieve."

Not wishing to embarrass the guru in front of the other delegates at the seminar, I did not say, "Oh, yes it is!"

After the seminar, I told him privately that the Abacus AdWords Campaign Manager software does exactly this. He showed little interest, perhaps because he did not believe me, or perhaps he thought that it might put him out of business.

Setting multiple bids for different keywords has never been easier! AdWords Campaign Manager pay per click software does it automatically!

Is your web site good enough to make the most of pay per click advertising?

Earlier we referred to the "aggregation of marginal gains". Your landing pages must be finely tuned to the search phrases people are likely to use to find your product or service. This applies to PPC advertising as well as to search engine optimisation (SEO) for a high position in the free listings, in order to keep your pay per click cost low. This fact is all too often overlooked.

Any system is only as good as its weakest link. For example, you may have the finest stylus fitted in the most expensive record turn-table, playing through the highest-quality amplifier. If the loudspeakers are of poor quality, the music will be of poor quality.

It's the same with a Google AdWords campaign. The keyword phrases in your Ad Groups may match users' search terms exactly, as may the displayed ads. If your landing pages do not contain the same search terms, however, and are not directly relevant to the visitor's search phrase, your "quality score" goes down, your cost per click goes up, and your advertising costs are wasted.

Web SEO PPC is part of the Abacus pay per click service. We insert special codes into your landing page, so that it contains the very search terms that the visitor has used to display the Google advertisement that he clicked on.

Because our success is measured by yours, we may suggest a rewrite of the text, and even a radical redesign, if your site is very PPC-unfriendly. If you don't have a web site at all, we can create one for you quite quickly, the style reflecting the nature of your business. Here are a couple of ideas: industry-specific web site design, local business web site design.

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